Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad

Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad

Recent studies have evaluated that Ahmedabad is the fifth most famous city of India. Sabarmati River is passing through the city because it is located at the bank of this river. This river has increased the beauty of this city. The urban environment also gets the great attraction of the visitors.

#01 – Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

This splendid temple is located near the Kalupur Ahmedabad. It is the tomb of a venerated personality Narayan Dev. it is constructed in 1892 according to the instruction providing by Swaminarayan, who is the leader of Hinduism.

It is decorated with multiple attractive colors and complex carvings. This temple is a wonderful concept of architecture. Inside the tomb, there are deities who are decorated with precious pearl and beautiful soft fabrics. This temple is also famous due to its morning prayer which is done inside. This place is center of attraction for many people on special Diwali event.

#02 – Sabarmati Ashram

In Ahmedabad, there is the residence of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba because Indians have great respect for their leader so this place is a great point of attraction for many people. Gandhi Ashram is situated at the Bank of Sabarmati River. This complete splendid view enhances the beauty of Ahmedabad.

There is a museum inside this house which has its own interest. It is said that many letters which were written by Gandhi and photographs are printed there.

#03 – City Shopping, Ahmedabad

There are many places in this city for shopping because Ahmedabad is said to be the city of colors. It is the main hub for shopping. There are many miles present in this area which prepare different type of clothes with different designs.

Lal Darwaza, Sindhi Market, Manek Chowk, Ramakda market are some huge markets which are situated in this city which have a very huge variety for you. There are also many jewelry items which will fascinate you.

#04 – Kankaria Lake

If you want to visit with your family here is a complete offer for you. It is the biggest lake of this city .it is also called Hauz-e-Qutub.

There are parks where your children can play. There are also zoos attached to this lake .in short here are all the adventure for all ages. At night the emitting lights increase the beauty of the city. If you would visit this place on the festival day, it will really amuse you.

#05 – Dada Hari Wav

It is another place in Ahmedabad which one must visit. It is constructed by Sultan Bergara’s harem in late 1944 AD. There is a beautifully carved wall which will attract you. When the light rays fall on it, its beauty is just not definable .it always stay cool inside. It is just marvelous, the best place to visit.

You just sit there and see the creativity, and you will admire after all because it is unique in its creation. there is the mosque near to it which also increases the beauty of this place.