Top 7 One Day Picnic Near Ahmadabad

One Day Picnic Near Ahmadabad: Ahmadabad is the seventh largest city in India and biggest in Gujarat when it comes to occupation, business and trade for industrial and financial growth. Thus you can imagine the fast city life, fast commutation, pollution and a large number of people in hurry.

From Monday to Friday everyone runs to earn and when it comes to weekend everyone finds picnic spot nearby where they can spend their time with family and friends with fun and peace altogether.

The picnic provides an easy going environment to catch up and entertain all kinds of company. Spending time outdoors, basking the nature, enjoy the great view and breathing in fresh air. Spending the time with family and friends is always a great bonding experience.

The picnic also offers many social benefits especially when you don’t have to spend the entire time chatting up a storm. Eating lunch outdoors is a natural a great stress buster. It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety related to office and home.

Through this article, I am going to mention fantastic picnic spots nearby Ahmadabad as per my personal experience.

Top 7 One Day Picnic Near Ahmadabad

Top 7 One Day Picnic Near Ahmadabad

1. Polo Forest (156 Km from Ahmadabad)

One of my favorite place to spend time in nature and popped between holy hills on the east and west. There are ancient temples, various still carrying out their prayers deep inside the thick jungle.

The forest is one big temple and trees are the gods. This is one of the most popular weekend gateways near Ahmadabad. Every year the government of Gujarat organizes Polo festival here.

You can get the food here but you need to make prior booking especially during weekends. One of the best thing about Polo is you don’t need to pay any entry fee as it is an open and public place.

Fun at Polo

1. You can do trekking.

2. Photography of ancient temples and forest at Polo.

3. During polo utsav, you can participate in cycling and other cultural activities.

4. A guide from Polo campsite helps you to plan trekking activities around.

Note: Don’t go inside the forest without experience guide.

2. Indroda Nature Park (Around 25 Km from Ahmadabad)

Indroda is considered India’s Jurassic Park, which is in extent over an area of around 400 hectares on the bank of Sabarmati River in Gandhinagar. This is deliberate to be the 2nd biggest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world.

This park is managed by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation. This is  the only dinosaur gallery in India.

Fun at Indroda Nature Park

1. Visit a zoo.

2. Massive carcasses of sea mammals like a blue whale.

3. Camp out facilities.

4. Elucidation center.

5. Auditorium

6.A large botanic garden.

3. Zanzari Waterfalls (Around 75 Km from Ahmadabad)

Zanzari is located on Vatrak River with a series of cascades. The fall is around 25 feet high from the various rocks, basins and stones. If you like to capture the beauty of nature in your camera it is the place to be if you are looking into.

The water throughout and instantly after the monsoon is low as the current will be fast. This is only water splash down which can be overheard from far away. In summer the river is condensed to a stream and there are spots to take a seat and like the scenery.

Note: September to February is the best time visit Zanzari Waterfalls.

4. Fun at Zanzari Waterfalls

1. You can do hiking.

2. Camel ride.

3 Photography at waterfalls.

4. Maniar’s Wonderland Theme (Around 13 Km from Ahmadabad)

The snow-themed park is the best choice when you want to spend one complete day and take rest on the other day of the weekend. The park is divided into 2 parts Wonderland and First in Gujarat Snow Park.

Everybody can enjoy here young as well as old. The park is open every day from 10 A.M. to 8.30 P.M. A food court inside the park offer snacks and fast food of your choice.

You can come here with your family and friends, the nearness to Ahmadabad makes is easy for you to ride or drive yourself.

5. Fun at Maniar’s Wonderland Waterfalls

1. Rides like the jumping jack.

2. Desert bike, Buggy ride, Zip Line, Aqua Ball, Wonder chair etc.

3. Water slides.

4. Enjoy snowfields and blast-from-the-past Ice Age experience.

5. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary (Around 25 Km from Ahmadabad)

Here is a narrow lake together with swampland’s on the edge and thin forest boarding the sides. He Sanctuary covered an area of 7 kms2 and it is a paradise of the bird. You can see many birds singing together and making arrays in the sky where long-legged stretched necked cranes are ready to pestering for fishes and small bugs.

The environment is pleasant with the resonating of several birds.

6. Fun at Thol Lake 

1. Click selfies of birds.

2. The bird cranes, flamingos, egrets, ducks, spoonbills whistling teals and self.

3. Walk long surrounding the lake and enjoy the beautiful sound of birds.

6. Akshardham

Spend your weekend in Akshardham in Gandhinagar be spiritual. A place of teaching, enlightenment, amusement all in one. You can see the customary stone architecture, prehistoric astuteness and contemporary technology to make the influential experience of Indian Culture.

The temple is devoted to Lord Swaminarayan, it is an amazing work by the detriment of candy striper. You can enjoy the food inside the temple in Food hall.

7. Fun at Akshardham

1. Watch short movies in hall 1 to 5.

2. Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show.

3. Sahajanand van etc.

I hope the details provided above must guide you to plan your one day picnic near Ahmadabad. You will enjoy it with your family and friends, as a break is required to refresh your mind.